BalanceBot Project Pack
*Updated to work with new rechargeable battery.

BalanceBot Project Pack

for GoPiGo

Turn your GoPiGo robot into a remote control Segway. The BalanceBot Project pack includes the necessary hardware to convert your robot into a self-balancing, two-wheeled wonder.

* GoPiGo not included



  • Instructions

    Visit the Dexter Industries website for instructions. *NOTE this robot is for advanced users and requires the installation of Raspbian for Robots.

What's Included


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GoPiGo with Distance Sensor looking at a triangle.

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GoPiGo robot closeup

Limited stock availability.

GoPiGo kits that include a Raspberry Pi are temporarily out of stock. Due to the ongoing supply chain issues relating to the Raspberry Pi we are unable to provide them with a GoPiGo robot kit.