Getting Started with Bloxter

Bloxter is an easy-to-use programming language for the GoPiGo. Drag-and-drop code blocks connect like puzzle pieces to make coding your own robot easier.

GoPiGo OS includes several lessons to help you start programming your own robot in Bloxter.

Bloxter drag-and-drop programming language preview image

Connect with your GoPiGo

There’s no software to install to start using GoPiGo OS.

  1. Connect with the wifi signal from your GoPiGo robot.
  2. Then use a web browser to navigate mygopigo.com

If you’re having trouble, try the software support page.

GoPiGo Pairing Instructions - Select GoPiGo wifi network - then go to mygopigo.com in a web browser.

Find the lessons

On the welcome screen select the Lessons section.

  1. Select the lesson you’d like to try.
  2. Click to begin and follow the instructions.

Mars Rover

Set out and explore the Red Planet with GoPiGo. Work your way through this progressive series of projects that connect robotics and science.

Student and teacher learning with GoPiGo Martian rover.
Martian Rover Classroom

The Mars Rover projects require additional hardware.

Get all the hardware needed to complete these challenges with the Mars Rover Project Pack.

Python Challenges for GoPiGo

Explore more than 20 hours of intermediate Python activities with Jupyter Notebooks and the GoPiGo robot. Complete this series of five challenges to learn and practice all sorts of computer science essentials.

GoPiGo and Python

Access the Python Challenges below.

  • Orienteer

    Help your robot navigate an area of previously unseen terrain to reach its destination, passing through a number of waypoints.

  • Assistive Tech Designer

    Build a robot to help a hearing-impaired friend see whenever a guest arrives at their house.

  • Search & Rescue Mission

    Design a robot that can navigate through the maze-like jungle, without bashing into things, and rescue a group of lost scientists.

  • Robot Operations Manager

    Improve the number of shipments a robot picker can handle for the world’s largest online retailer, Amazing.com.

  • Autonomous Courier

    In this challenge, you’ll build a color-aware mail delivery robot for the residents of GoPiGo Drive.

The Python Challenges require additional hardware.

Get all the hardware needed to complete these challenges with the Python Project Pack.

Miscellaneous GoPiGo Projects

In addition to the projects above, there are loads of projects for your GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot. Access these projects on GoLabs.

father and son with a GoPiGo robot

GoBox Missions

Looking for GoBox Missions? You’ll find all twelve at the link below!

GoBox month one