GoPiGo Getting Started Guide

Got your GoPiGo? 

Let’s turn those parts into a robot!

Follow these step-by-step instructions to assemble your GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot.

Pile of robot parts for GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot

GoPiGo Docs

Consult the “manual.”

GoPiGo has documentation available on ReadTheDocs.io to help you get started, learn coding, experiment with Python, troubleshoot and more.

GoPiGo Documentation

GoPiGo Forum

There’s wisdom in the crowd.

Connect with the GoPiGo community to find answers to many common questions and concerns.

GoPiGo Forum

GoPiGo Software Support

GoPiGo runs its own operating system called GoPiGo OS. If you’re an advanced user you may wish to install Raspbian for Robots as an alternative.

If you’d like help upgrading, connecting, troubleshooting, or just want to learn more. Check out the software support page.

GoPiGo Software Support

Contact GoPiGo Support

Need some help?

That’s why we’re here! 

Our support team is ready to help you with your GoPiGo. Email us for the quickest response – support@modrobotics.com

Customer Support:  1+ 303.656.9407

We’ll respond within one business day.

Contact support - email support@modrobotics.com