GoPiGo Education Project Pack - IR Remote, IR receiver, PIR Motion Sensor, Sensor mounts x 3, distance sensor, light and color sensor, linef ollower for robots, colored LED, button, buzzer

Education Project Pack

for GoPiGo

Ready to try out our GoBoxEd Missions? Already have a GoPiGo robot? Then this is the pack for you! This project pack includes all the sensors, actuators, and craft supplies needed to complete the GoBoxEd missions: Button, Buzzer, IR Remote/Receiver, LED, Loudness Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, Light & Color Sensor, Line Follower, Distance Sensor, Sensor Mount – Set of 3, Pipe Cleaners, and Zip Ties.

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GoPiGo Projects with Education Project Pack

  • Red Light, Green Light

    Create a playful robot that can lead a game of Red Light, Green Light!

  • Race the Clock

    Create a robot that can count down for you. Race to clean your room or set a timer for baking cookies.

Plug-and-Play Connection

Skip the soldering. Jump to the invention. GoPiGo uses a simple connection wire to attach sensors and actuators to the robot. Exploration made easier.


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GoPiGo with Distance Sensor looking at a triangle.

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GoPiGo robot closeup