Inertial Measurement Unit - IMU Sensor

IMU Sensor

for GoPiGo

The IMU Sensor attaches to the GoPiGo. It can detect motion, orientation, and position of your robot. It has a compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope, and can be used to build a BalanceBot!


GoPiGo Projects with IMU Sensor

  • Seismograph

    Build a shake table, then use the IMU to gather data about different types of earthquakes.

  • BalanceBot

    Assemble your GoPiGo to drive upright, instead of in a car configuration.

Plug-and-Play Connection

Skip the soldering. Jump to the invention. GoPiGo uses a simple connection wire to attach sensors and actuators to the robot. Exploration made easier.


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GoPiGo with Distance Sensor looking at a triangle.

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