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PyBox helps you explore robotics and go further with Python coding. It is designed for intermediate Python programmers to help you hone your craft and creativity. Four monthly shipments deliver new robot parts and activities direct to your door. PyBox is the perfect way to go further with Python and your GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot.

Subscribe for $29/mo.

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PyBox mission and parts.

What you get

Each month you’ll get a special box in the mail with new robot sensors or actuators and access to a PyBox mission.

No contracts. No commitment. Just an easy way to learn about the power of coding and robotics.

What you learn

PyBox is designed to extend your Python and engineering experience.  It’s a great way to apply intermediate coding to real robotics. 

Every mission includes step-by-step instructions to guide you to success. Story-driven challenges help you find creative solutions to problems inspired by today’s most advanced robots.

Start with problem, then design a potential solution, then build it, code it, test it, and iterate on it if necessary. Then start again if needed.

Learn to build and code robots

With PyBox, you’re bringing Python programming to real robotics. 

Here are just a few of the concepts you’ll learn to use across the 5 PyBox challenges:

Not sure what some or any of this means? No problem – that’s exactly what PyBox designed to help you learn.

Build your own Raspberry Pi robot.