GoPiGo Python Project Pack

Python Project Pack

for GoPiGo

The NEW Python Project Pack is a special sensor pack for the GoPiGo that is aligned to the Python Missions. This sensor set comes with 2 different colors of LED, Loudness Sensor, 2 Distance Sensors, Light & Color Sensor, Line Follower, Sensor Mount – Set of 3, and zip ties.


GoPiGo Projects with Python Project Pack

  • Orienteer

    Help your robot navigate an area of previously unseen terrain to reach its destination, passing through a number of waypoints.

  • Assistive Tech Designer

    Build a robot to help a hearing-impaired friend see whenever a guest arrives at their house.

  • Search & Rescue Mission

    Design a robot that can navigate through the maze-like jungle, without bashing into things, and rescue a group of lost scientists.

  • Robot Operations Manager

    Improve the number of shipments a robot picker can handle for the world’s largest online retailer,

  • Autonomous Courier

    In this challenge, you’ll build a color-aware mail delivery robot for the residents of GoPiGo Drive.

Plug-and-Play Connection

Skip the soldering. Jump to the invention. GoPiGo uses a simple connection wire to attach sensors and actuators to the robot. Exploration made easier.


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GoPiGo with Distance Sensor looking at a triangle.