Raspberry Pi Camera

Raspberry Pi Camera

for GoPiGo

The Raspberry Pi foundation has developed a special camera that takes both  high-definition video and still photographs. It’s easy to get started, as it just plugs in to the Raspberry Pi, and has many advanced features like OCR, time-lapse and slow-motion.


GoPiGo Projects with Raspberry Pi Camera


This five megapixel fixed-focus camera supports 1080p30, 720p60 and VGA90 video modes, and stills capture. It comes with a 15cm ribbon cable that you use to attach it via the CSI port on the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi camera is compatible with all models of the Raspberry Pi. You can access it through MMAL and V4L APIs, and there are many third-party libraries that have been developed for it, including the Picamera Python library.



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