Speaker for Raspberry Pi

Speaker for Raspberry Pi

for GoPiGo

The Speaker for the Raspberry Pi robot gives your Raspberry Pi robot a voice and sound. This speaker connects to the aux jack on the Raspberry Pi and can be used to play music, voice, and alerts. The Raspberry Pi Speaker has a rich and loud sound. It has its own power supply that can be charged with the USB port. The volume can be controlled with a button on the speaker, or from the Raspberry Pi.


GoPiGo Projects with Raspberry Pi Speaker

  • GiftBot

    Build a robot that will deliver your Christmas Gifts and bring cheer to your holiday season!

  • Room Defender

    Let GoPiGo defend your room from unauthorized intruders.

What else do I need to know?

The speaker works with all versions of the Raspberry Pi that have an audio jack (so, not the Pi Zero).


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