Missions and Parts Only Subscription

GoBox is the guided way to grow your skills and your GoPiGo. It’s a monthly robot subscription that enhances your GoPiGo robot with a collection of robot parts and 11 monthly robot missions.

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Subscribe for $24/mo.

GoBox Missions and Parts Only

What you get

Each month you’ll get a special box in the mail with a new robot sensor or actuator and access to a GoBox mission.

No contracts. No commitment. Just an easy way to learn about the power of coding and robotics.

A gift that keeps giving

Give yourself or someone you love the gift that keeps you growing. Every month you’ll practice and build essential new skills in robotics and coding. GoBox missions also introduce engineering fundamentals and design thinking.

GoBox is an easy way to make STEM concepts more tangible. It connects concepts like averages to real-world applications. Then, you’ll learn how to use that knowledge to solve problems in the same way computer scientists, engineers, and designers do.

Start with problem, then design a potential solution, then build it, code it, test it, and iterate on it if necessary. Then start again if needed.

A guided way to grow

GoBox is designed to introduce you to robotics and coding.  It’s a great way to learn to code by controlling a robot you build yourself. 

Every mission includes step-by-step instructions that ensure your progress. Story-driven challenges help you find creative solutions to problems inspired by today’s most advanced robots.

Step-by-step instructions for each mission.

Learn to build and code robots

With GoBox, you’re not just playing with a robot, you’re actually learning programming concepts. Knowing these fundamentals will help you learn any programming language.

Here are just a few of the concepts you’ll learn to use across the 12 GoBox missions:

Not sure what some or any of this means? No problem – that’s exactly what GoBox designed to help you learn.

Build your own Raspberry Pi robot.


We’re here to help you.

GoPiGo robot with distance sensor