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GoBox is the guided way to grow your skills and your GoPiGo. It’s a quarterly robot subscription that gives you a GoPiGo robot, a collection of robot parts, and a year of robot missions. Ships once per quarter for one year.

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First quarter $209 (includes robot)

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GoBox robot subscription

What you get

In quarter one, your subscription includes everything you need to build your first robot – missions one through three, a GoPiGo Core, and Raspberry Pi computer, and some extra parts for your robot. Each quarter thereafter, you’ll get a special box in the mail with new robot sensors or actuators and access to three GoBox missions.

No contracts. No commitment. Just an easy way to learn about the power of coding and robotics.

GoBox month one

A gift that keeps giving

Give yourself or someone you love the gift that keeps you growing. Practice and build essential new skills in robotics and coding. GoBox missions also introduce engineering fundamentals and design thinking.

GoBox is an easy way to make STEM concepts more tangible. It connects concepts like averages to real-world applications. Then, you’ll learn how to use that knowledge to solve problems in the same way computer scientists, engineers, and designers do.

Start with problem, then design a potential solution, then build it, code it, test it, and iterate on it if necessary. Then start again if needed.

A guided way to grow

GoBox is designed to introduce you to robotics and coding.  It’s a great way to learn to code by controlling a robot you build yourself. 

Every mission includes step-by-step instructions that ensure your progress. Story-driven challenges help you find creative solutions to problems inspired by today’s most advanced robots.

Step-by-step instructions for each mission.

Learn to build and code robots

With GoBox, you’re not just playing with a robot, you’re actually learning programming concepts. Knowing these fundamentals will help you learn any programming language.

Here are just a few of the concepts you’ll learn to use across the 12 GoBox missions:

Not sure what some or any of this means? No problem – that’s exactly what GoBox designed to help you learn.

Build your own Raspberry Pi robot.

Meet the robot behind the GoBox

Push further with the power of Raspberry Pi

GoPiGo helps you build a powerful little robot with the Raspberry Pi computer. It’s perfect for exploring robotics, coding, and the frontiers of computer science.

GoPiGo electronic board and Raspbery Pi electronic board

Multiple ways to code

GoPiGo supports multiple programming languages. Build a bridge from coding basics in Bloxter to cutting edge computer science skills with Python and Jupyter notebooks. It is designed to help you reach the next level, then go even further.

GoPiGo supports Bloxter a drag-and-drop coding environment and Python. C++, GoLang, Java, C#, Node.js are available but not officially supported.

Customize and connect to projects of all types

With GoPiGo you can connect learning to code with real-world problem-solving. Then use the add-on sensors and actuators to customize GoPiGo to easily meet your needs.

From Mars rovers to self-driving cars there is a project or lesson for you to explore.

Student and teacher learning with GoPiGo Martian rover.
Rated "Five out of five"

One of the best robotics kits you can buy, especially for teachers.

Simple start, no installation required

It’s easy to get started with GoPiGo, just connect to its wifi hotspot. Then use the built-in-tutorials inside DexterOS to start learning the basics.

Connect to GoPiGo via wifi for a simple no installation start.

The power to go further

GoPiGo has the power of Raspberry Pi, interactive Python, and a suite of pre-installed libraries to help you explore cutting edge computer science activities.

GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot with camera and computer vision

From grade school to advanced Google tool

GoPiGo is great for helping you explore robotics, but it’s also perfect for seasoned professionals! Advanced users can connect to Google’s Cloud Vision API and other web-data – helping you explore new frontiers in computer science.

Connect and customize

GoPiGo has 5 connection ports* for attaching sensors or actuators, making it easy to invent the robots of your dreams. No soldering required.

*2x Digital/Analog, 2x I2C, 1x Serial. Plus, 2x servo motor ports.

GoPiGo has five sensor and actuator connection ports plus two ports for Servo motors.

Explore and build with a library of sensors and actuators for GoPiGo

Choose from over 15 add-on modules to add new abilities to your robot construction. Every part gives you more ways to build and explore.

GoPiGo Parts Library


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GoPiGo robot with distance sensor

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