Don't like guardrails?

Looking to access total robot control  for expert users?

Consider installing Raspbian for Robots. 

How to connect with DexterOS

Prior to connecting with you GoPiGo, make sure you’ve completed the robot assembly.

Once your robot is assembled. Follow this helpful pairing guide.

GoPiGo Pairing Instructions - Select GoPiGo wifi network - then go to mygopigo.com in a web browser.

What is DexterOS?

DexterOS is the default operating system for GoPiGo robots. It is a graphical user interface that you can use to access different programming tools and experiment with your GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot.

Nothing to install

GoPiGo broadcasts a wifi signal. Just connect your device to the wifi network and you can access DexterOS from your web browser. Nothing to install. Nothing to download. It’s a great fit for beginners and classrooms.

Connect to GoPiGo via wifi for a simple no installation start.
Bloxter tutorial lessons screenshot

Built-in Lessons

Dozens of built-in lessons make it easy to get started learning how to program your GoPiGo. There are lessons for sensors as well, which teach the basics of programming and using sensors.

Sample Bloxter program


The built-in lessons are in Bloxter, our new drag-and-drop language similar to Scratch (and based on Blockly, a language by Google). Bloxter makes it fun and simple to learn how to program, while also offering advanced features for those that want to go beyond the basics!

Sample Python Jupyter Notebook


DexterOS also has a clean, simple Python programming area as well. Sample programs are easily accessible, and a variety of libraries are already installed and ready to use!

Fast update process for DexterOS

Fast to Update

DexterOS has a new way to update the software and firmware. Just download a zip file on a USB drive and plug it into your robot, boot it up and let it run — and you are all set! An easy classroom option is available as well to update multiple robots in a row.

Updating DexterOS

From time to time new versions of DexterOS are released. Follow the instructions if you wish to update your DexterOS to take advantage of the newest features.

Dexter USB Drive

Contact GoPiGo Support

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