Go Further with GoPiGo

Build and program your own robot using the power of your Raspberry Pi.*


* Raspberry Pi not included.
Pi3B+ or Pi4 recommended.

Meet your guide to going far...

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GoPiGo is a robot building kit to help you explore new frontiers in computer science and connect coding to real world problem solving.
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Build and program your own robot

Teen with a pile of GoPiGo parts ready to become a robot.

Learn to code, then explore machine learning and computer vision

Teen playing with GoPiGo robot.

Exploration is easy with GoPiGo

Easy to expand and customize

Get the freedom to explore and invent without the struggle of soldering. GoPiGo uses simple plug-and-play parts to make invention seamless. Discover the possibilities with a library of 17 different sensors and actuators.

Great for coders of any skill level

Amateur or ace? GoPiGo gives you multiple coding languages and environments. Go from visual to text-based programming. Then, travel further with pre-installed libraries or explore machine learning.

Loaded with processing power

Push beyond your boundaries and explore the frontiers of computer science. GoPiGo is powered by the Raspberry Pi, giving you the computational muscle needed to reach new heights.


* Raspberry Pi not included. Pi 3B+ or 4 recommended.

Four wonderful ways to get going.

Everything you need to start your journey into robotics. GoPiGo includes the robot chassis, sensors, actuators, and more.


Raspberry Pi not included.
Pi3B+ or Pi4 recommended.

Buy five or more GoPiGo robots and get a 10% discount.  Amazing education tools for all types of learners.

Raspberry Pi not included.
Pi3B+ or Pi4 recommended.


A year of robotics activities delivered monthly. Get a GoPiGo, build your skills, and explore new parts with this all-in-one robot subscription.

$209 + $32/mo.

Already have a GoPiGo? Join the adventure with Missions & Parts Only. Get bulk shipments with GoBox Quarterly.
PyBox robot subscription product image.

Five months of robotics challenge for intermediate Python programmers. PyBox is the perfect way to go further and explore Python.

$219 + $42/mo.

Rated "Five out of five"

One of the best robotics kits you can buy, especially for teachers.

Playful projects guide your progress

Use GoPiGo to solve challenges based on the tech behind today’s most advanced robots. Every project helps you learn new ways to create. Every project helps you learn new ways to solve problems with robots.

College student building a GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot

Learn though building

You won’t find any fancy plastic shells hiding this robot. GoPiGo wears its parts on the outside! As you build your robot, you’ll discover all the parts that turn electronics into a powerhouse of a little robot.

Connect to GoPiGo via wifi for a simple no installation start.

Simple start, no installation required

Just connect to GoPiGo’s wifi signal and you’re ready to start your travels. Your GoPiGo has a graphic user interface and built-in activities to help you learn the basics. It’s easy to get going with Bloxter, a drag-and-drop coding environment. 

From grade school to advanced Google tool

GoPiGo is great for helping you explore robotics, but it’s also perfect for seasoned professionals! Advanced users can connect to Google’s Cloud Vision API and other web-data – helping you explore new frontiers in computer science.

GoPiGo robot sensors and actuators. Plug and play.

Project Packs expand your robot

Plug-and-play sensors and actuators change what your GoPiGo can do. Project Packs are an easy way to add the right hardware for all types of guided projects. Or pick individual pieces in the GoPiGo shop.

Student and teacher learning with GoPiGo Martian rover.

Journey to the stars with the Mars Rover Project Pack

Set out and explore the Red Planet with GoPiGo. Work your way through this progressive series of projects that connect robotics and science.

Girl exploring Raspberry Pi robotics with GoPiGo

Explore the world of Raspberry Pi robotics with Project Pack One

Discover what you can learn from over 15 guided GoPiGo Projects.  Project Pack One is a great way to jumpstart your GoPiGo component collection.

Man coding a GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot with Python

Push even further with the PyBox Subscription

Get the supplies you need to journey into the world of Python. Solve real-world challenges and build essential computational thinking skills. PyBox makes it easy to explore Python and robotics.

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Everything you need to turn your Raspberry Pi into a robot. 

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